Direct API Guide

Inbank API for Partners is designed for integrating third-party applications to Inbank's credit system. The API aims to follow RESTful best practices as closely as possible to achieve its main goal — to be flexible and applicable to multiple use cases. The current document describes the API endpoints available to partners.

For any questions regarding the integration process, contact Inbank at:

Note the partner is responsible for authenticating the customer before the partner transmits customer data to Inbank.

Full integration with Inbank API gives merchants access to the following Inbank products:

Hire Purchase

The Inbank Hire Purchase solution gives customers the opportunity to pay for purchases in installments with an affordable interest rate. Read more about Inbank Hire Purchase on our website.

Split into parts

This payment solution offers clients to buy goods and services and pay for them later in several equal instalments. Split into parts is free of charge for customers, while merchants get paid upfront in full the next working day. Read more about this payment solution on our website.